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2019 began with a very painful and discouraging experience, as the aforementioned blood infection advanced into the bones. Not exactly what was in the plans for the new year. So, off to another 6-week, daily routine of going to the infusion center. Although the long ordeal with health issues has taken a toll, Jeff still manages to muster the energy to perform as though nothing is wrong. The audience would never guess the struggles endured over the years.

Regardless, Jeff will be plugging along with Boogie Du jour, and planning a memorable year of great gigs and fun times with good friends, old and new. Be sure to check out the Boogie Du jour page to find upcoming shows.


2018 Brought a restrictive routine of intensive daily infusions for Jeff's neurological Lyme Disease. Although it limited travel, it created time to focus on being in the studio, writing and recording a rockin' new CD, Bon Appetit, and putting together a supporting band, called Jeff Howell's Boogie Du jour.  The new CD is available here In November, test results determined that borellia (Lyme) no longer could be detected in the spinal fluid. Great News! Flew to California for stem cell therapy, (to begin the rebuilding process), but just when it looked as though things were getting better, in December, Jeff contracted an infection inside his white blood cells. A diligent pathologist caught the abnormality, and a call was received saying to go to the ER immediately. Jeff was admitted for a few days, then sent on his way with a script of antibiotics.


2017 Jeff continues providing bass instruction, recording on projects sent to him and play occassional gigs in support of other's projects.  He has again performed at several Veteran's benefits and The Hope Music Festival, a benefit against opiod addiction on Cape Cod.  An all star line up performed to shed light on the epidemic plaguing the Cape and this country in general. 

Though Jeff continues to play, health issues, from Lyme disease, still continue to be the forefront of priorities.


brought a long needed change, musically.  Jeff dissolved his long running band, The Cats, of 17 or 18 years, and teamed with former members of the central NY based band, LoveBone.  The focus was on creating new material, but that didn't occur. 

In fall, long-time friend/promotor, Jim Tiribassi, invited Jeff up to the New England states to perform at several large benefits for disabled Veterans.  Talented musicians from many bands of the 60's and 70's were included in the esteemed roster of entertainment. 

Healthwise, Jeff still fights his long battle with Lyme disease.  It's an ongoing struggle, but Jeff's determination and will to overcome this horrific disease is admirable.  Even on his worst days, he can still muster a lick on his bass and play the show, without anyone being able to tell that he is in daily pain.  Unfortunately, there isn't much focus in the health industry to find a cure for Lyme. Because of the lack of accurate testing, many suffer without ever knowing they have Lyme.  Doctors are happier masking and treating it with the blanket term of fibromyalgia and anxiety, telling their patients they are a hypochondriacs, rather than actually finding out what's wrong with them.  It's literally shameful. 


  2014 & 2015
Jeff kept occupied giving bass lessons and playing with his local cover band.  In the past two years, there's been slow improvement with Jeff's Lyme Disease, but improvement none the less.  He's struggled through one treatment after another and continues working hard to control his symptoms.   Though bad days still plague him, the frequency and duration have lessoned and hope has replaced bleakness. Playing his bass continues to be good therapy.


  Health issues continue to be at the forefront in Jeff's life.  After several years of unrelenting pain, Jeff has finally been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He has gone undiagnosed and untreated for several years due to three false negative Lyme tests.  It stripped him of most enjoyment life offers due to revolving pain, anxiety, brain fog and fatigue.  Lyme Disease is a horrible illness that can consume your entire body, and is often passed off as many other illnesses, including, anxiety, depression, etc., anything a little pill should fix.  Though anti-depressant/anxiety pills can be helpful, they're just a convenient treatment when your doctor doesn't know what's wrong with you.  They don't fix the culprit that continues to ravage the body.  False negative test results occur up to 60% of the time.  That's significant.  If you know someone who is constantly fatigued, in pain, has brain fog, and just never seems to get better, seriously have them see a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor LLMD.   They are not easy to find.  Getting accurate test results, quickly, is extremely important.

Through it all, his playing never waivers or shows he suffers through the handful of gigs he continues to book.  So, if you're ever in the Fingerlakes Region, of NY, check out the schedule for his band. 


2012  hasn't been as productive musically as previous years.  Jeff still keeps busy giving lessons, laying down tracks to new songs, providing bass tracks for other artists and doing gigs with his band.   Jeff has had health issues which have hindered progress in many areas since 2010,  but hopeful 2013 will have better days ahead.



2011   brought some long-awaited studio time for Jeff at Wilburland Studio in Newfield, NY.  Collaborating with Will Russell (master mixer), Jeff completed and fine tuned a couple songs he had on the back burner to include on his cd. Now that the songs are complete, the result is Jeff's first cd, First Time.  Check it out.


2010  was a busy, fun-filled year for Jeff, though was the onset of some dehabiliatating health issues. The year began flying to Florida to complete recording the bass tracks for Foghat's blues album, Last Train Home. He then found himself filling in for FOGHAT's bassist who was out on a medical leave for the majority of 2010. Many superb, new acqaintences and friendships were made, awesome musical experinces enjoyed and magical moments all around were had. All in all, 2010 was a year full of blessings.


Jeff played the following shows with Foghat in 2010:

Wed - December 1, 2010
Iridium Jazz Club
"Last Train Home" CD Release Party

Sat - November 13, 2010
Coconut Festival at Sun Splash Water Park
Cape Coral, FL

Sat - October 16, 2010
Party at the Point
Isle Casino Hotel
Biloxi, MS

Tue - October 12, 2010
The Big Fresno Fair
Fresno, CA

Sat - October 9, 2010
Ridgefield Playhouse
Ridgefield, CT

Sat - October 2, 2010
Snyder Coliseum Grounds
White Buffalo Bike Fest
Snyder, TX

Fri - Sept 24, 2010
Lawrenceburg Fall Fest
Bicentennial Park, Lawrenceburg, IN

Thu - Sept 23, 2010
Street Vibrations
Atlantis Casino Resort, Reno, NV

Fri - Sept 17, 2010
Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix, AZ

Tues - Sept 14, 2010
Hard Rock Casino Tulsa, Tulsa OK

Sat - Sept 11, 2010
Starlight Casino - New Westminster BC

Mon - Sept 6, 2010
14th Annual Rib America Festival
Military Park, Indianapolis, IN

Sun - Sept 5, 2010
Septemberfest 2010
Schaumburg IL

Sat - Sept 4, 2010
River Days Festival
Portsmouth, OH

Fri - Sept 3, 2010
American Music Festival
Virginia Beach, VA

Mon - August 30, 2010
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Sun - July 18, 2010
Ottawa Blues Festival
Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sat - July 17, 2010
BluesFest International
London, Ontario, Canada

Fri - July 16, 2010
BluesFest International
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Mon - May 31, 2010
11th Annual U.S.Cellular Rib America Festival
Soldiers Memorial, St. Louis, MO

Sat - May 29, 2010
Showgrounds - Sam Houston Race Park
Houston, TX

Fri - May 28, 2010
Bully's Grill
Wichita Falls, TX

Sun - May 23, 2010
"Bikelahoma" - Pryor Creek Music Festival
Pryor, OK

Fri & Sat - February 26 & 27, 2010
Fremont Street Experience
Las Vegas, NV

Sat - February 20, 2010
Peppermill Hotel & Casino
Wendover, NV

Fri - February 5, 2010
The Community Theatre
Mayo Center for the Performing Arts
Morristown, NJ

Sat - January 2, 2010
Harrah's Lake Tahoe
Stateline, NV
"An Excellent time!"

December 19, 2009

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