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We are deeply saddened by the untimely death of our dear friend and drummer Don Pharoah, whose friendship, charm, enthusiasm and irreplaceable wit can never be replaced.  The departure of lead singer/guitarist, Greg Meisner, as well as Jeff's ongoing health issues, has also put things at a stand still.   For the present,  Boogie Du jour will be on an indefinte hiatus.   We will update you when able to reassemble.  In the meantime, thank you for all of your support throughout the years.   Be well.

Boogie Du jour is Jeff Howell's newest venture forward; featuring music from his past, and paying homage to the three national acts he has played in over the past 35 years (Foghat, The Outlaws & Savoy Brown).  Taking into consideration how bands of that level motivate their audiences, Jeff applies the same elements in any of his own bands.  Nothing less than quality-controlled and true to form.  This music will be played with the energy and subteties it deserves.  No filler, all killer.  Brand new material, fress off the grill will also be incorporated.  Along on this ride is vocalist/slide & electric guitarist Greg "Mize" Meisner; on lead guitar & vocals, Richie Roccisano and Don Pharaoh on drums.   All three bring their own unique strengths and experience to round out this lineup.

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Jeff began his music career as bass player/vocalist touring the east coast with popular, rock bands. Excelling to the ranks of nationals, after meeting Blues Hall of Famer, Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown, along with Dave Walker, Savoy Brown vocalist. This lead him to meeting his mate, Roger Earl, of Foghat; with whom he travelled and performed all over the world. He also toured and performed with southern rock legends, The Outlaws, and recorded three of their CD's. In 2010 and 2015, Jeff returned to Foghat, filling in for long-time bassist while on medical leave. During that time, he recorded Foghat's blues cd, Last Train Home. It ranked #8 on the top 30 Releases of 2010, on Classic Rock Revisited.

Richie Roccisano, on lead guitar and vocals, is a multi-talented individual. He was nearly born with a guitar in his hand, playing since the young age of four. Richie brings a great ear and great touch to the band. He is also a very accomplished producer and recording engineer/owner of Big Time Music Studio, in Interlaken, NY, where he also serves as mayor. He has worked with and recorded hundreds of bands and artists over the past decade, including, Jason Newsted (Metallica), Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult), Bob Kulick (Kiss), Rob Canavino (Overkill), as well as Jeff Howell's cd, Boogie Du jour.

Mize began playing music when his fifth grade teacher taught him four chords on guitar that changed his life. It wasn't long after high school that he was on the road, fronting bands in rock clubs and college campuses. He rocked his hometown of Binghamton, NY for many years, until he became creatively exhausted and relocated to the Eastern shore of Maryland. It was there he realized the power of simplicity and took his music back to its roots. He performed solo throughout the east coast several years, before returning home.


Don started drumming at the age of 10, honing his skills in his Southeastern PA's high school concert, pep and marching bands. His high school year book noted that Don's dream job was to own a music store which, after years of trucking, he sold his rig and stalked his way into his favorite job as longtime manager of McNeil Music, of Ithaca. Don has had the honor of meeting amazing local and visiting musicians; and gigged with too many to name, performing a variety of genres. Drumming with Jeff is nothing new for Don, as he has played in several of Jeff's bands over the past two decades.  So, asking him to join Boogie Du jour made perfect sense.   Not only is his drumming stellar, Don's energetic, fun-loving personality is infectious. The dynamic Don adds to this lineup is perfect.  After a 5 year hiatus from playing, we're glad Don is back and ready to Boogie. 



Friday, September 24, 2021
The Stone Church
5 Granite St,
Newmarket, NH
7:00 PM
Incredible place to perform.  
Great food and staff>
Top notch sound technician and system
( for both the performers and audience )

Tell your friends. You won't want to miss this.


Saturday, September 25, 2021
Somerset Abbey
98 Main St.
Madison, ME

This is a somewhat open air event (enclosed tent) at a great concert venue in Madison ME.
The owners, Stacy and Tom are awesome people. 
Stacy is an incredible chef.  Great  food and atmosphere. 
Get tickets early here.







Nasty Things Dreaming of You In Your Arms
Back on You


Heartaches Make
You Strong

Trouble Trouble

Wanna Make
Love to You



Drivin' Wheel
Fool for the City
Honey Hush
I’ll Be Standing By
Louisiana Blues
My Babe
Slow Ride
Take Me to the River
Trouble Trouble
Wanna Make Love





Back on You
Dreaming of You
Nasty Things
King For a Day
Lonely Life


Ghost Riders
Green Grass and High Tides
Love Song / Hurried Sundown
You Are the Show


All I Can Do Is Cry 
Bad Intentions
Heart Breaks
Hell Bound Train
If I Could See an End
It Hurts Me Too
Let it Rock
Tell Mama





Boogie Du jour

Jeff Howell


The Outlaws

Savoy Brown



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